Raiders Adaptation DVD by Eric Zala and Chris Strompolos

At long last – you can now own the actual, more talked-about-than-seen completed shot-for-shot recreation! Including the newly-completed Airplane Scene. Rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Extras include special photo slideshows and filmmaker commentary!“…One of the strangest permutations of '80's nostalgia to hit movie screens—the now-notorious Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation, a 106-minute shot-for-shot amateur-video remake of the 1981 Spielberg-Lucas adventure flick, created over a span of seven years by a group of kids in small-town Reagan-era Mississippi. Filled with ingenious contraptions and overweening jerry-rigs, The Adaptation remakes Raiders on less than 1/2,000th of Paramount's original $20 million budget, conjuring exotic locales out of cardboard sets in parents' basements, casting tweens in Boy Scout uniforms as Nazi bad guys, and rolling a gigantic hand-crafted boulder through the family garage to create the film's signature scene. Nothing short of slapdash spectacular.” - VILLAGE VOICE




Raiders!  The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made Blu-Ray, DVD & Digital Download 

Own Tim Skousen & Jeremy Coon's documentary -- RAIDERS! THE STORY OF THE GREATEST FAN FILM EVER MADE -- on Blu-ray + DVD combo pack, released by Drafthouse Films!   Features reversible sleeve with detailed Mondo art by Justin Santora and booklet including storyboard art from RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK: THE ADAPTATION!  Includes HD, DRM-free digital copy.


Raiders is absurdly enthralling.” –




Raiders!  The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made in Paperback – by Alan Eisenstock

The low-on-budget / high-on-creativity ultimate 80's Betamax-shot love letter to the original Raiders has spawned a critically-acclaimed book by author Alan Eisenstock, published by St. Martin's Press / Thomas Dunne Books.


Now in paperback-- featuring the Raiders! documentary poster art (Paul Shipper) cover.  Own your own copy of the critically-acclaimed book, RAIDERS!  The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made by Alan Eisenstock (film rights optioned by NAPOLEON DYNAMITE producer Jeremy Coon).




Raiders Adapatation Storyboards in Paperback

Experience what’s been called the “greatest fan film ever made” as planned, shot-for-shot, through the eyes of its director, Eric Zala. See for the first time, Zala’s drawings (602 drawn from memory!) of every shot in RAIDERS before the original was released outside of theaters. This handmade blueprint used to create RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK: THE ADAPTATION over the next six years is finally revealed – along with production sketches, childhood correspondence, rare photos… and a local police report! Each mailed copy will be signed by Eric Zala, author/director.




Raiders Adapatation Army Green T-Shirt

Back by popular demand! A sturdy, prewashed 100% cotton tee featuring the work of amazing artist Jeff Owens. ***M, L, XL & 3XL Out of Stock***

Everything Package - The Fan Film, Documentary, Book, Storyboard Book & T-Shirt

  • Raiders Adaptation DVD by Eric Zala and Chris Strompolos


    Adaptation Running time:  106 minutes

    With Bonus Materials total running time:  Nearly 4 hours! 





    For the first time ever, a special "BACKSTAGE PASS" to the making of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK: THE ADAPTATION as told by co-creators Eric Zala (Director, Belloq) and Chris Strompolos (Producer, Indy).  Learn about the famous boulder scene. Where did those snakes come from anyway?  How did kids get a hold of a truck? And all that fire?  How did they do it?  Now you can find out!



    A personal look back, sharing vintage personal photos, production sketches and stills from when we made ADAPTATION as kids… as well as a behind-the-scenes look at shooting the Airplane Scene as adults.

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